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We are committed to providing great food, that's good for you, at a great value.

             THIS WEEK's Specials



All our meats have NO nitrites, NO preservatives, and NO additives.


Monday, september 24

Sweet n' Sassy Grilled chicken Breast  Sandwich - $9.25

Grilled chicken breast with honey mustard and chili sauce and a blend of peppers. Served with your choice of Chicken Tortilla soup (cup) OR small fountain drink.


Chef Salad Wrap/Soup of the Day Combo - $9.50

TUESDAY, September 25

 BBQ Creole Salmon Burger with Cilantro Jalapeno Aioli - $9.25

Grilled ocean caught salmon burger cooked with savory herbs and spices and served on a 100% whole wheat bun with cilantro Japeno Aioli and BBQ sauce. Served with your choice of Black Bean & Red Pepper soup (cup) OR a small fountain drink.


Chicken Oriental Wrap/Soup of the Day Combo - $9.50

Wednesday, september 26

 Chicken Curry with Rice and Sambals - $9.25

 Deboned chicken cooked to perfection in an Indian curry sauce with onions, bell peppers, potatoes and tomotoes served with white rice and sambals. Served with your choice of Lentil soup (cup) OR a small fountain drink.  


Chicken Caesar Wrap / Soup of the Day Combo - $9.50

Thursday, September 27

Maryland Style Crab Cake - $9.25

A zesty crab cake lightly breaded and served on a toasted bread of your choice with Russian dressing, fresh California avocado, lettuce and tomato...this is awesome! Served with your choice of White Bean & Chorizo soup (cup) OR a small fountain drink.


Tuna Salad Sandwich - $9.25

White Tongal Tuna sandwich served on a toasted bread of your choice with melted cheese - very tasty! Served with your choice of White Bean & Chorizo soup OR a small fountain drink


Cobb Wrap / Soup of the Day Combo - $9.50

Friday, september 28

Chicken Burrito - $9.25

Chicken with onions, peppers, garlic & oregano with black beans wrapped in a 12" flour tortilla with Caffe California's fresh garden salsa, sour cream and guacamole. Served with a small fountain drink


Chicken Taco Salad or Chili/Chicken Nachos - $9.25

Our famous Chicken taco salad or chili/chicken nachos with black beans and Chipotle sauce. A favorite of Caffe California! Served with a small fountain drink


Any Salad Wrap / Soup of the Day Combo - $9.50


Monday -  Chicken Tortilla

Tuesday - Black Bean & Red Pepper

Wednesday - Lentil

Thursday - White Bean & Chorizo

​​Friday - Clam Chowder   

Served with a baguette and butter or crackers. Small: $3.50, Large: $4.50

Our food is locally grown, organic, and produced in a sustainable and earth-friendly way, whenever possible.